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Tietokilta is a student association of the Computer Science degree programme at the Aalto University School of Science. The guild provides social activities for its approximately 900 members, promotes their interests related to their studies and activates them in professional and social matters.


The Guild has a wide range of partnerships with companies in the IT sector. Guild members are interested in current business trends and employment opportunities, while companies are mostly interested in gaining visibility and recruiting new employees.

The purpose of these pages is to gather a description of the corporate relations activities of the computer science guild for interested companies. For all matters of cooperation, please contact the guild's Corporate Relations Responsible.

Main Partners

Reaktor written in very bold typographySparse lines in the shape of a hedgehog, with capital letters at the bottom, SiiliSimple lightning logo in a black square, in capital letters


aTalent company logo in bold typefaceABB company logo in very bold red typefaceAccountor company logoColumbia Road company logoDeloitte company logoExove company logo in all uppercaseFrends company logo in all lowercaseFuturice company logoGofore company logo bold and all uppercaseHiQ company logo in cursiveNitor company logo with T as a torchNokia futuristic company logoSievo cursive writing company logoSolita company logo with a vertical line graphic on the leftTaito United company logo with o and u combined into a personTietoevry company logo lowercase digitalized fontWolt company logo in cursive fontEricsson-partner-logo

Forms of partnership


The cornerstone of the computer science guild's business cooperation is the TiK Partners programme. The TiK Partners programme enables long-term and close cooperation between the business community and the Guild. Tietokilta works primarily with Partners companies.

Corporate cooperation takes many forms, the most popular of which is corporate visits, or corporate excursions. This is a fun way for students to discover the different opportunities in the sector. Other popular forms of cooperation include hackathons, Tech Nights and the guild's recruitment event UraTiKAS.

The TiK Partners programme and other business cooperation is handled by the guild's Corporate Relations Officer, who can be contacted with any questions about cooperation at: yrityssuhde­vastaava​


Excursions are a great opportunity to introduce students to the company and its culture. Your company's employees and our IT students will have a chance to talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere and find the right job for them.

A memorable excursion usually includes a short introduction to the company, an activating activity about the company and its culture, and free conversation with the employees, not forgetting food and drink. We strongly recommend to bring people who work in software development, as they are the best people to explain and sell the company's workplace to interested students. The evening's programme can range from escape room-style problem-solving to an introduction to modern technologies on students' own laptops. The more special programme items are well remembered by the students and will be remembered and shared for a long time to come.

The guild's annual ball

One of the most anticipated and glamorous events of the year is the guild's annual ball, Muistinnollaus, more commonly known as M0. The annual ball is a highly festive academic table party, one of the cornerstones of Finnish student culture. At the annual ball, teekkaris take off their overalls to celebrate their guild wearing their best. The party kicks off with a cocktail party, from where the revelry continues through the main party to the herring breakfast the next day. The glamour of the annual ball is by no means limited to the current members of the guild, but also includes alumni of the guild, invited guests from other student organisations and partners of the guild.

The wide range of participants allows the sponsor to have a comprehensive visibility among current students as well as other Otaniemi students. Muistinnollaus is structured in conjunction with the annual ball sponsors to ensure that the sponsor is visible to future employees in the way they want to be seen. At our annual party, sponsors get to join in the festive spirit, as well as reach out to current and future IT decision makers and contributors in a very favorable frame of mind.


🏆Are you looking for talent?🥇

Look no further. We have a few different ways you can reach our students, see below!

If you have questions related to recruiting, you can always contact the head of corporate relations at yrityssuhde­vastaava​

Recruiting platform

Visit the recruiting platform!

The recruiting platform is a great way for companies to easily advertise their open positions and target specifically the students at Tietokilta. Consequently, we students hope that you design the process of applying to be simple and efficient 😉

In addition to placing the ad at the platform, the platform post will be sent to our recruiting email and a notification about the new listing will be posted to our recruiting Telegram channel. The recruiting platform is open for all IT related job adverts from any company.

If you want to advertise your open positions to the sharpest and most talented computer science students in the world (or even in the universe?🤔) and therefore recieve top tier applicants to the job, this platform is for you!

Learn more and add your job advertisement here!


UraTiKAS is a recruitment event designed specifically for advertising summer jobs and internship positions, but also any other positions, in the software industry. The event is organized in cooperation with the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology. The event takes place usually somewhere between January and February, and companies are searched to attend in November-December of the previous year.

The format of UraTiKAS is a one-day event, where companies get to introduce themselves to the students and explain what kind of employees they are looking for. After the presentations, the students can ask questions in a structured questions and answers section. After the structured presentations, the students are free to move around the stand-area and talk to the company representatives in a more informal way.

Although the event is not as big as AaltoTalent or RekryForum-fair, it is more focused and reaches more IT students than either of the above.

Recruiting booklet

The Rekrylehti (“recruitment leaflet”) is a leaflet suitable for longer-term visibility among students. It is a starting point for students who are looking for a job or an internship, and helps them to discover and familiarize themselves with companies working in IT sector.

The leaflet is published somewhere between September and October, usually at the same time as the overall gala where fuksis get their overalls, and is distributed online and in the Tietokilta guild room (until the next issue of the leaflet is published).

Companies are sought for the recruitment leaflet in May-June of the year preceding its publication (flexibly also later).

Tietokilta rekrylehti 2023

Rekrylehti 2023

New idea?

We are always open for discussing if you or your company has new recruitment related (or any other) ideas, such as events or fairs. In these cases, please contact the head of corporate relations at yrityssuhde­vastaava​